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Welcome to KwikGuides.com:
bringing you quick guides to life on the road, plus a great directory of links to car dealers in your local area to help you find your next car.

Choose from our handy guides on buying a used car, selling a car, how
to haggle
, cutting your car costs, choosing car insurance and more ...

choosing car insurance - cutting the cost
Buying a used carSelling a car
How to cut your car costsdownloads

To help you find what you're looking for more quickly, we've put together some
of the most common questions about buying, selling & running a car. Just click
on a question to find a KwikGuide page giving the answer.

> Buying a used car
- where's the best place to buy?
- what questions about a car should I ask?
- how should I check a car for faults?
- what paperwork should I look for?
- can you give me some tips on haggling?
- how should I pay for the car?
- what are my legal rights when buying a car?
- is there a checklist I can print and take with me?

> Selling a car
- how can I sell my car?
- where should I advertise it?
- what's my car worth?
- how old is my car?
- what should I say in the advert?
- how should I deal with someone haggling?

> Cutting your car costs
- do cars vary much in running costs?
- how can I save money when buying a new car?
- what's the cheapest way to finance buying a car?
- what's depreciation and how can I avoid it?
- how can I cut my car insurance bill?

> Choosing car insurance
- what types of insurance are there?
- what are the extra features of car insurance policies?
- can you explain car insurance jargon?
- how can I cut the cost of car insurance?
- can you help me compare policies?


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